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Whether you're looking to change careers or simply want to know what interview questions to prepare for, this is the place for career advice and tips.

What do Hiring Managers look for in a resume?

How to create a High Impact Résumé

A Second Opportunity With a Great Cover Letter

6 Tips to writing an achievement based resume

Is a cover letter really so important?

How to create a High Impact Résumé

Following research, we uncovered surprising statistics in a study using eye-tracking technology to find out about recruiters' techniques when looking at résumés.

6 Tips to writing an achievement based resume

Many people construct their résumé based on everyday job duties, failing to stand out or create impact. As a result, recruiters or HR Managers get the impression they are dealing with someone who can only do the basics.

Is a cover letter really so important?

Too many people fail to understand the importance of a cover letter. So many think that they can write one letter and use it for all their job applications without any amendment...

What Every Hiring Manager Does When They See Your Name

When it comes to applying for jobs, you have to assume the following. It’s a generalisation and may not always be true, but in most cases it will be... Every time you apply for a role and your resume sits in front of a hiring manager, if your application is being seriously considered, she will turn to her computer and google your name.

Who REALLY Reads Your Resume Application?

Do you actually know what happens to your resume & cover letter application once you submit it? If you were under the impression that your application is reviewed by a person,..

Job hunting? – Brand yourself with a LinkedIn profile that rocks!

According to Social Media Statistics, there are currently around 4 million Australians who are using LinkedIn regularly. This figure continues to grow as more people focus on their professional identity. This makes it the perfect place for getting to know people and companies ..