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Job Hunting Strategy

Expert advice on planning an effective job search, assessing which career options are right for you, and tips on how to network effectively.

What Every Hiring Manager Does When They See Your Name

When it comes to applying for jobs, you have to assume the following. It’s a generalisation and may not always be true, but in most cases it will be... Every time you apply for a role and your resume sits in front of a hiring manager, if your application is being seriously considered, she will turn to her computer and google your name.

How to Stay Positive during a Brutal Job Search

Job seeking, in some ways, is a game of luck; while it does come down to utilising your resources effectively, it partly relies on a chance encounter that the right person will see your resume and need your services at exactly the right time.

The Jobs Market in 2014

PROFESSIONAL services, IT, finance, construction and mining will be the big movers in the 2014 jobs market. Analysis from Hudson Recruitment on the hiring intentions of Australian businesses for the second quarter of 2014..