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Mature-age friendly recruitment agencies

Mature-age friendly recruitment agencies

Kate Southam, Editor

Adage National A career centre for mature-age candidates. Has a blog, tips and candidate listings for employers. Also, organises the Adage Top 20 awards recognising mature-age friendly employers. Its sister company Sageco supplies consulting services.

2discover - eastern capitals 2discover helps its candidates prepare for job hunting including assisting them to develop their own marketing plan to identify skills and experience and their ideal job, as well as what they are willing to do while waiting for their ideal job. CEO John Leith says there are companies actively recruiting older workers to reflect the ages of their customers and believes Australia will see more of this as the economy continues to tighten.

Grey-hair Alchemy - eastern capitals. Established 1992. Helps top level interim executives with management and sales expertise. Its headquarters are in Brisbane and its consultants are able to supply executives to clients in Sydney and Melbourne.

Plus 40 - National
All capitals and some regional centres. Plus 40 is a job agency that also supplies free courses for mature-age candidates and consulting services to employers.

DOME SA - (South Australia) Established 1981. An acronym for Don't Overlook Mature Expertise, DOME SA is an Non-Government Agency or NGO that offers career guidance to candidates. It also drives mature-age candidate advocacy, both paid and voluntary job placements and offers services to employers such as skills assessment, training and consulting services.

WISE WISE Employment is a not-for-profit resource for employers and job seekers sepcialising in diversity.

Moir Group The Sydney-based Moir Group specialises in executive recruitment and training. However, Stephen Moir is also a "passionate" about the value of mature-age candidates and offers a training course for candidates through the Centre for Continuing Education at Sydney University.

Federal Government A web page detailing services offered to mature workers including the Job Wise website.

Job Wise A Federal Government website designed to promote mature age employment.