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Job interview coach is just a click away

Rehearsing for a job interview is vital to success.

Job interview coach is just a click away


Finding a rehearsal partner from your industry sector or doing a similar job is the ideal.

However, that is not always possible, which is why new online tool InterviewGOLD was created. The program comprises text based tutorials and video based mock interview training to suit particular white collar “job families”. It is not a “one-size fits all” approach.

Sectors include accounting & finance; admin & clerical, banking, customer service & call centres,  marketing, engineering & manufacturing, financial services & insurance, government, HR, hospitality & tourism, medical, health, project management, sales and retail.

I did a tour of the site and found it easy to use. There is a guide in the form of an avatar, “Michael”, who will show you around. The rest is just a matter of clicking and using the top nav bar or following Michael’s directions. The video coach is a “real” person, not an avatar.

I also reckon it’s pretty reasonable - $145, including GST, for 12 months access. There is an “introductory price” of $99 at the moment.

InterviewGOLD GM Marcus Webb reckons the program “can pinpoint with 80 per cent accuracy the types of questions that will be asked by potential employers” in the sectors covered. Interviews include “core competency” questions related to a particular role as well as the sort of questions designed to test your fit for a particular company’s culture and those particularly pesky questions such as “why do you want to work here” and “what are your strengths and weaknesses”.

The tool was developed in the UK but a team of researchers spent six months adapting  the questions for the Australian market.

In the lead up to its recent launch Interview Gold surveyed 81 recruitment consultants to see how well they thought candidates in Australia prepare for job interviews.

Of those surveyed, 87.3 per cent believe that candidates do not do adequate prep work. Worse still, only 27 per cent of consultants were able to spend the time providing job interview training.

 “Preparation is the key to improving performance at interview, but unfortunately for everyone involved, 83.3 per cent of consultants just don’t have enough time to ensure candidates are trained properly,” Mr Webb said.