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Innovation in Resumes helps Break Through in Crowded Job Markets

Innovation in Resumes helps Break Through in Crowded Job Markets

It has never been more important to stand out in the crowded job market of today. With many highly qualified and experienced job hunters being rejected from jobs, what does it take to get the attention of employers and recruiters? Applications are also almost entirely online now days, so digital presentation has become a large part of the recruitment process. If first impressions count most, of course you need something impressive!

If your resume consists of just words on a page, or lacks content and design consistency, then you are not going to get past the first step in the recruitment process. So, here are a few tips to get you noticed and interviewed for that position:

  1. Get a resume overhaul and stand out from the crowd:
If you are the 199th applicant for a role that has attracted 200 candidates, how are you going to stand out?
  2. Make sure your resume ticks the boxes:
Many positions require you to send your resume and cover letter to a recruiter or agency, who then shortlists the applications even before they go to the employer. Your resume needs to reflect the language, requirements and professional standards of the recruitment agency, as well as highlight your skills for the position.
  3. Keyword optimisation:

It is very important to read the position description carefully. Ensure your resume picks up on any keywords or specific language styles that the organisation has used and use these in your resume, whilst aligning your current skills to the role.


David Gillon, General Manager at Select Resumes says: “You know that your skills and experience are relevant and will allow you to do the job, but you just can’t seem to get it down on paper. Sometimes the hardest things to demonstrate are those things you do every day. At Select Resumes, we call them relevant skills. We have strategies to identify your skills and present them in a positive light for your potential employer.”

“It is known that a recruiter will make a decision based on your resume in just a few seconds. Unless something grabs their attention, and quickly, it is very easy for your application to be overlooked. So why not make your resume look amazing? And make sure that your most important skills and experience are placed strategically on the page. If you can afford to have your resume done professionally, it can give you a very strong advantage in the market place.” View resume examples

Organisations such as Select Resumes have a huge array of writers and resume designs for your resume which will get you noticed, in the right way. We have a professional graphic artist who can also do custom designs for industry specific or specialist needs. There are already hundreds to choose from, and you can see some of them here at the new Select Resumes website. Having a professionally designed and written resume and cover letter just might make the most important difference in your job application success rate, giving you more opportunities at achieving the job you want.

Select Resumes has many experienced and professional writers who can interview you, extract the most relevant information and write your resume to maximise your job hunting opportunities. A lot of clients are surprised at how good they now look ‘on paper.’

Select Resumes has experienced writers for all industries who can assist you to put together an attention grabbing, positive resume and cover letter, and they have a unique three step professional writing, editing and design system that results in a great resume that will get you that interview. You can find out more at (and don’t forget to quote the code ‘careeroneoffer’ to get a 10% discount!)   CareerOne

Article written by Ashley Michailaros, Edited by R. Curnow, Select Resumes 1300 614 714